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At Butera's Restaurant, we've been perfecting the chicken meatball for over 20 years. Now, they are available conveniently pre-packaged and fully cooked. Just heat and eat – snackable, packable, or the perfect foundation to a delicious dinner.


Perfect for adding to pasta, making a meatball sandwich or just snacking on for a quick protein fix, our chicken meatballs are made with superior ingredients and can be used in lots of different dishes. Try one of our recipes or get creative on your own.

Life is like a bowl of spaghetti. Every once in a while, you get a meatball.
— Sharon Creech

The Restaurant

We are first-generation Italian-Americans and native Long Islanders who came of age working at our father’s pizzeria. It was an unpretentious spot where you could get a slice and a soda on the run, typical of the neighborhood in those days. Working there was not glamorous, and in fact, it was a lot of hard work. But it was where we got our education on food.  

       Little did we know what an indelible impression those days behind the pizza counter would make. After leaving Long Island to go to college, we both worked our way up the corporate ladder, but over time, we realized that food was our true passion. We decided to leave our office jobs and return home.  

       In 1991, we opened the doors to our first namesake restaurant with the vision to create a local establishment serving family-style Italian fare with our own modern touch.  When it was time to create our restaurant menu, it was important for us to honor our heritage while putting our own imprint on beloved Italian classics.  This is how our chicken meatball was born.  

       More than twenty years later, Butera’s Restaurant continues to thrive, and we are proud to be serving customers at three locations on the Island: Sayville, Smithtown, and Woodbury. As for our chicken meatballs, they have gone on to become one of our signature menu items. Now we have found a way to share our enormously popular meatballs with you!

Gary, Martin, and Laurie Butera
Founders of Butera’s Restaurant